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Lamp-Light Pure Paraffin Oil

Lamp-Light Pure Paraffin Oil




  • Push wick 1/8” above the collar - just enough to touch with a match.
  • Grab glass collar and pull up out of vial just enough so bottom of collar clears the opening to the vial.  Then bend the collar over the side of the vial and fill with oil just to base of the neck of the vial.
  • Return collar to top of vial and be sure the wick is still set 1/8” above collar.  Readjust if necessary.
  • Light your candle by touching a match to the wick.
  • You may blow out your candle or let it burn until it uses all the oil (approximately 3 hours) and it will go out by itself.
  • Once you have used all the oil in your vial, the wick will not light. You will need to refill with oil.
  • *Always burn a candle within sight and away from flammable objects.
  • *Use Clear Paraffin Lamp Oil for best results.
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