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Can I return an item?

All sales are final and returns are not accepted.

How long will the fiberglass rope last?

Your fiberglass rope should last you for years to come as the rope does not burn.  The capillary reaction of the heat as you light the wick draws the oil up the fiberglass.

Can I leave my candle outside?

Only leave outside if it is a covered patio area.  If your wick gets wet it will not light again.

How long will the candle burn?

If you set your wick as directed (1/8” high) your candle will burn approximately 2-3 hours.  If you do not blow it out, the candle will go out by itself when it has burned all your oil.

What kind of oil do I use?

We recommend using Lamplight Pure Paraffin Oil.  It is the purest oil you can burn and will give you the longest burn time.  It is also odorless and smokeless.

Can I mix essential oil with the paraffin oil?

Please note it is not recommended.  Check to be sure your essential oil does not contain water or alcohol as those will damage your fiberglass rope.

How do I “set” the flame height?

Your flame height is set when you raise the wick above the glass collar.  It is recommended to push the wick up only 1/8”.  This should keep your flame around 3/4” to 1” high.  Sometimes when you first light the wick the flame may seem high on a full vial of oil, but will usually lower in a few minutes.  If it does not - blow it out and check your height of wick.

Why is my candle smoking?

If you overfill the vial or set the wick too high, your candle may smoke at first.  Also when you blow out your candle or when it runs out of oil it may smoke a little as it goes out.  This is a natural occurrence.

Will my Birch candle peel?

We do everything possible to preserve your birch candle.  It has been kiln dried and sealed with a water base poly.  Your paper should stay on for years to come, but it is a natural product and may eventually peel or dry out over the years.

Is my charcuterie board dishwasher safe?

No.  All charcuterie boards should be cleaned off using a dishcloth and dish towel dried.  You may replenish the shine using a mineral oil for cutting boards as needed.

Is my board oven safe?

No.  All charcuterie boards should never be placed in oven for warming food or baking.

Can I cut on my board?

It is highly suggested not to cut on the boards if you so not want marks.  The boards are really for serving meats, cheeses and snack foods.

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