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Oil Burning Wood Candles

Oil Burning Wood Candles

Birch Candles: Inspired by Native Americans who used birch bark to make their water crafts our oil burning birch candles with their soft shades of pink, grey and natural tan and white provide an elegant comfort and beauty to any home. Colors may vary with grays/brown/black accents.


Naked Birch Candles: These candles have been stripped of their bark and make a very modern style statement in your home. May have slight variation in color. These beautiful birch candles are made from Michigan birch trees. Kiln dried, sanded and a matte finish applied on top and bottom of candle will keeperlooking beautiful for years to come.

These candles slightly vary in color & height.


West Texas Ranch Post Candles: West Texas is the birthplace for these oil burning wood candles. From field harvesting to finish coat these century old fence posts go through 15 different steps before they become a finished product. Natural colors, curves, crevices and knots make all of these truly unique. Each candle will vary in circumference and are all unique in their markings. Some may still have the original nails or steel fence staples left in them.


Hedge Fence Post Candles: “Hog Tight - Bull Strong - Horse High” This is the description of hedge fence posts by the man Jonathon Baldwin who first brought osage orange to the midwest in the early 1800’s. Hedge is also referred to as Bois d’arc, osage orange or horse apple. These candles are cut from century old fence posts collected from farms in Warren County, Illinois. These have a beautiful soft shade of brown on the bark with hints of a yellowish/orange in the heart of the wood. Their curves and crevices make them very unique. Each one will vary in color, circumference and lines.


Pine Candles: This candle was created from a pine tree located in Virginia Beach. The pine trees make beautiful rustic candles that can be enjoyed year round, but are especially attractive at the holiday time. This type of candle has limited availablity. Please contact us before purchasing.


Mesquite Candles: Grown in south texas this mesquite was known for its long thorns and jelly baking beans. These trees are not too big but they are a little twisty. The heartwood is a beautiful reddish brown. A “one of a kind Texas original!” Bark on or bark off- there’s no difference in these candles’ beauty! A beautiful and classic addition to any home. This type of candle has limited availablity. Please contact us before purchasing.


All Oil Burning Wood Candles: May vary in circumference from 3”-5” (Width). The candles come with the glass vase which holds the fiberglass wick that will last for years. You will need to refill the oil as necessary. Oil is available online. Shipping varries upon location. All candles come with a wick.


Directions to all Oil Burning Wood Candles:
Defining the Parts of your Wick:  
There are 3 pieces to your wick.
1). The Vial - glass “test tube” look-a-like.  This holds your oil.
2) The Glass Collar - this rests at the top of the vial and holds the fiberglass rope in place.
3) The Fiberglass Rope - 3/26” in diameter and 4” long.  This allows the oil to travel and burn from the vial.
Before lighting:
*Pour your oil into your dispenser for easy filling of the glass vial.

Lighting the Wick:
Push wick 1/8” above the collar - just enough to touch with a match
Grab glass collar and pull up out of vial just enough so bottom of collar clears the opening to the vial.  Then bend the collar over the side of the vial and fill with oil just to base of the neck of the vial.
Return collar to top of vial and be sure the wick is still set 1/8” above collar.  Readjust if necessary.
Light your candle by touching a match to the wick.
You may blow out your candle or let it burn until it uses all the oil (approximately 3 hours) and it will go out by itself.
Once you have used all the oil in your vial, the wick will not light.  You will need to refill with oil.

*Always burn a candle within sight and away from flammable objects
*Use Clear Paraffin Lamp Oil for best results.


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